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WW2 Racing will be seen by over 100,000 fans in 2022. Their trailer will be seen by countless others over the nations highways from West Coast highways, Kentucky, Illinois, Arizona and Idaho. Premium magazine and even Television coverage is typical throughout the  year. This could be just the exposure your company needs in these fast paced times.

The Program

WW2 Racing is now offering a limited number of premium sponsorship opportunities for the 2022 season. They offer your company a full menu of marketing options and open new doors for your company's future. Exposure to a buying public you've never even thought of. WW2 Racing has the ability to increase your product awareness and to maximize your company's objectives with style and excitement.

More Bang for Your Buck

When you place your advertising dollars with WW2 Racing you get a complete package. Jim Murphy's four decades of professional racing experience has taught him well how to package and deliver sponsors to the public. Unlike a one shot magazine ad or 15 second television spot, you'll be able to see your investment throughout the year. You can reach out and touch it.

Your company logo identification on the race car and trailer, crew uniforms, WW2 Racing T-shirts, Team hats and crew shirts.

Media Exposure: National Dragster (300,000 weekly circulation) and several other motorsports publications including American Rodder, Drag Racing, Popular Hot Rodding and Car Craft. Press Releases. Television (Fox Sports Network, Motor Trend TV, NHRA on line, several Social Media outlets and local news programs). Plus constant updates and world wide exposure on

Personal appearances. In conjunction with race promoters or sponsors, the WW2 Racing Team is available to make public appearances... not only promoting the sponsors message but also educating the public about Nostalgia Drag Racing.

Display your product. At any given race or appearance your product can be displayed and even demonstrated. Hands on promotion!

Nostalgia Drag Racing

More than any other aspect of the sport, Nostalgia Drag Racing is enjoying an unprecedented growth rate. Last year the attendance at the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series, NHRA Hot Rod Reunion, WCTA and other nostalgia events across the country attract over 1,000,000 fans. Events range from single day races that draw 9,000 to 25,000 people to three and four day extravaganzas attracting well over 100,000+ fans. With more races, better prize money and several new cars, the 2022 season will surely set records on and off the track.

Get on Board

Let Jim Murphy and the WW2 Racing team assist in analyzing your advertising needs and design a custom marketing program that will assure your company satisfactory results for you investment. Nostalgia racing not only reaches the younger audience starting out in the sport but the mature, affluent enthusiast as well. Take this rare chance to get involved in the action!

Contact Jim Murphy for details: Sponsor WW2 Racing



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