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Past Race Photo Pages, Race Results & Articles Featuring Jim Murphy and the WW2 Racing Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster



NEW - 2017 National Hot Rod Reunion

2017 March Meet

2016 California Hot Rod Reunion

2016 National Hot Rod Reunion

2016 March Meet Coverage

2015 California Hot Rod Reunion

2015 March Meet

2014 National Hot Rod Reunion

2014 March Meet

2013 California Hot Rod Reuinon

2013 Boise Nightfire Nationals

2013 National Hot Rod Reunion

2013 March Meet Coverage

2012 California Hot Rod Reunion

2012 Boise Nightfire Natonals

2012 March Meet

2011 California Hot Rod Reunion

 2011 Sacramento Win

2011 March Meet

2010 California Hot Rod Reuion

2010 Boise Ignitor

2010 March Meet

2009 California Hot Rod Reunion

2009 Boise Nightfire Nationals

2009 March Meet Video - Burnout

2009 March Meet Video - Full Run

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2009 March Meet

2008 California Hot Rod Reunion

2008 Governors Cup

2008 Boise Nightfire Nationals

2008 Sacramento Nite of Fire

2007 California Hot Rod Reunion

2007 Boise Nightfire Nationals

2007 Sacramento Nitro Nite of Fire

2007 March Meet

8th Goodguys Fuel & Gas Finals

15th California Hot Rod Reunion

35th Boise Nightfire Nationals

9th Goodguys Nitro Nationals

47th Goodguys March Meet

7th Goodguys Fuel & Gas Finals

14th California Hot Rod Reunion

2005 Goodguys 1st Northwest Nationals

2005 Goodguys 8th Nitro Nationals

2005 Fremont Reunion

2005 VRA 17th Nitro Nationals

2005 VRA 46th March Meet

2004 VRA Fuel & Gas Finals

2004 California Hot Rod Reunion

2004 Governors Cup

2004 Boise Nightfire Nationals

2004 Nitro Night of Fire

2004 Goodguys 7th Pomona Nitro Nationals

2004 Goodguys 16th Nitro Nationals

2004 OSH How-to Fair

2004 VRA March Meet

Championship Race Video

2003 VRA Fuel & Gas Finals

2003 California Hot Rod Reunion

WW2 Racing Video

Boys 'N Toys

2003 Governer's Cup

2003 Boise Nightfire

6th Goodguys West Coast Hot Rod Happin'

2003 VRA Nitro Nationals

2003 Boise Ignitor Open

2003 VRA March Meet

MSPA Drag Racer of the Year

2002 San Francisco International Auto Show

2002 VRA Fuel & Gas Finals

2002 Pro Nitro Finals

2002 California Hot Rod Reunion

2002 Governors Cup

2002 Nitro Nationals

2002 VRA March Meet

NHRA 50th Anniversary Nationals

2000 Goodguys - Final Race at Pomona

2000 California Hot Rod Reunion

2000 Boise "Nights of Fire"

2000 Goodguys March Meet

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