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Bakersfield, CA - March 11, 2022:

The 64th annual Good Vibrations March Meet is in the books. It was foretold there would be weather related delays and they came to fruition. Due to the conditions (rain and cold track temps) the schedule was running behind most of the weekend. This limited the nitro classes to just 2 qualifying runs and made eliminations a crap shoot.

Coming into the 2022 March Meet, Jim Murphy was still chasing his elusive and record breaking 6th March Meet win. That quest is still in play but his thrilling runner-up finish gave him a leg up on his quest to capture the 2022 Hot Rod Heritage Series national championship.

Murphy, who has once again committed to run all 5 HRH points races this year, feels they are coming close to finding a competitive tune-up without hurting parts which has been his bane the last two seasons. All the testing he and right-hand man Daniel Wilkison have done has been heading in the right direction and getting close to their 5.5 goal. WW2 Racing 2022 Schedule

We now present WW2 Racing's 2022 March Meet in photos.



First Qualifying Session - Friday


After a long rain delay, the second pair out for the first session of top fuel qualifying was Jim Muprhy in his WW2 Racing entry and Brian Hall driving the "Nomad".








Murphy would land in the #3 qualifying spot, which would hold into eliminations, with a 6.692 at just 154.87.

Hall experienced problems and shut off early to a 8.964.




Second Qualifying Session - Saturday


Jim Murphy was the final car out for the session.










Murphy carded a better time, 5.937 at 235.27 but still stayed #3.







Due to a racing surface too cold to run on the third and last session of qualifying on Saturday was canceled. That meant the next time the cars would see the track was for the money on Sunday morning.

In round one Jim Murphy was matched up with Brian Hall.





Hall got a slight jump at the tree.








From half track on it was all Murphy who took the win with a 5.970 at 215.44. Hall clicked it a bit early to a 6.622 at 206.54.







The first pair to see who would go to the finals was Jim Murphy and Tyler Hester.




The vet and the rookie left together.










At the stripe it was Murphy taking the win with his best run of the weekend. His 5.736 at 260.81 (top speed of the entire event) got the best of Hester’s game 5.939.






Top fuel featured the two quickest cars in the field. Bret Williamson and Jim Murphy, who was still seeking his fifth March Meet win to break the tie between him and Garlits.







In the closest TF race of the day it was Williamson by a matter of feet. His 5.731 at 256.06 nosed out Murphy's 5.771 at 256.75. Popular win for Bret, another disappointment for Jim.



Despite a disappointing loss, Murphy was pleased with the progress they made and more importantly, they did not hurt parts. Next stop was supposed to be an open show at Redding, CA on April 29-30. For the complete schedule click the link below.

2022 Race Schedule


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