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Bakersfield, CA - 10/26/15: The 24th edition of the California Hot Rod Reunion is in the books and once again it lived up to its rock star billing. The weekend featured Chamber of Commerce weather and a race track second to none. As for WW2 Racing, after running a stellar 5.69 during the Saturday Night Nitro event in September, Jim Murphy and his crew chief, Roland Leong came into the even with high hopes.

After overpowering the track in the first qualifying session they ran a 5.752 at just 228.46 in session two and a 5.743 at 241.41 to qualify #4. It was looking all good until a broken lifter put them behind the 8-ball to make eliminations.



1st Qualifying Session


For the first session Jim Murphy in his WW2 Racing entry was paired with Adam Sorokin driving the Champion Speed Shop fueler.





After the March Meet Murphy brought the legendary Roland Leong on as Crew Chief.





Not that it mattered but Sorokin left first by a huge margin.


Seems Murphy experienced a clutch issue that caused the car to react very late.





Admittedly the tune-up was "to hopped up" and at the 60ft block the car went into major tire smoke.






2nd Qualifying Session


For the Friday afternoon session Murphy was paired with Bill Dunlap in the High Speed Motorsports entry.









Dunlap carded a 5.696 at 241.67 while Murphy was right there with a 5.752 at just 228.46.





3rd Qualifying Session


The third and final session went off around noon on Saturday. Murphy was once again matched with Dunlap.











Murphy experienced some burnt pistons carding a 5.74 at 241.01 5:74 which was disappointing as Jim and Roland expected more. After getting back to the trailer they discovered a roller lifter had come apart on the burnout and it was on seven cylinders the entire run. The damage was extensive and not an easy fix. It was a thrash to get the car turned around for the first round of eliminations later that afternoon.




Final Order of Qualifying

1: Tony Bartone - 5.569 at 241.28
2: Rick White - 5.668 at 259.96
3: Bill Dunlap - 5.696 at 241.67
4: Jim Murphy - 5.743 at 241.41
5: Terry Cox - 5.794 at 251.53
6: Ron August - 5.844 at 231.08
7: Rick Williamson - 5.878 at 223.10
8: Adam Sorokin - 5.900 at 202.12
9: David Hirata - 6.016 at 196.13
10: Denver Schutz - 6.088 at 211.39
11: Rick McGee - 6.609 at 147.04
12: Brendan Murry - 7.517 at 110.33
13: Dusty Green 13.897 at 68.21



Round 1 of Eliminations


#4 qualifier Murphy was to race #11 Rick McGee but when they took the engine apart to fix the damage from the broken lifter the crank looked good so they made the decision to try and change out a camshaft. It was pretty difficult because the roller was bent over and they couldn't get it out of the lifter bore. They finally got it out and then put another cam in the engine.

They got close and had the heads on and were working on the rockers when they started to run first round. They probably needed another 20 or 30 minutes to have the car ready and just didn't make it. So what was looking like a promising weekend ended when McGee made a single for the win.

Murphy and the team were understandably disappointed but feel that they've turned a big corner in the performance department and are anxious to get out again next year starting with the March Meet.



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