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Boise Better, Not Good Enough
Weekend Deemed a Success


Boise, Idaho - August 10-12, 2012:

After a disappointing March Meet and Northwest Thunderfest, Jim Murphy and crew went to Boise, ID for their Nightfire Nationals on a mission.

Dealing with the hot Boise weather and a corrected altitude of over 4000 feet it is hard at best to card ET's close to those at tracks like Bakersfield but Murphy managed to qualify with a 5.90 at 256.84 (top speed of the meet)

After beating the current NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Top Fuel points leader, Jim Young in round one with a 5.97 at 239.68 to a 6.02 at 244.29 things were really looking up. However, in the semi finals, Murphy beat himself. Paired with eventual winner Adam Sorokin, Jim ran quicker and faster but due to a hole shot lost. Sorokin's 5.95 at 240.51 beat Murphy's 5.90 at 255.68.

"I feel bad for my team", stated Murphy. "We're getting the car to where we want it, didn't hurt a part all weekend. These younger drivers are good leavers, so obviously I need to do some serious practicing on the tree."

WW2 Racing will next compete at the annual Governor's Cup meet at Sacramento Raceway on September 14-15. As always friends and fans are invited to stop by and visit with Jim, Tim and the crew.



Murphy paired with Rick Willamson during qualifying.


Backing up from a burnout.


Murphy intense on the tree as he moves into stage.



Tim Beebe making the final tweaks to the fuel system before a run on Friday.




Murphy on his way to a win over points leader Jim Young (below).



Murphy and Sorokin staging for the semi finals.


Sorokin's advantage at the start is quite apparent. Murphy almost caught him but ran out of real estate. Back to California.


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