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2010 CHRR


Sunday - Round Two

11: a.m. Following the pre-race ceremonies round two of Top Fuel was underway. The weather was considerably cooler than the previous three days and came as a real relief to the remaining racers.


Murphy's opponent for round two was Troy Green who defeated Bill Dunlap in round one.












Both cars left together but Murphy pulled away to an early lead.










Murphy experienced engine damage before the finish line and started to slow and that almost cost him.



In the other lane Green was FLYING on the other end and turned the race into the closest of the day in Top Fuel. Murphy's 5.842 at just 229.34 edged out Green's 5.846 at a whopping 264.23 (top speed of the meet).











Semi Finals

3 p.m. With dark clouds rolling in round three went off on time. The first pair out was Murphy and Sorokin. The results of this match up were covered in the opening so here's what it looked like.








By this point Murphy knew he was dead in the water unless Sorokin screwed up.









Beebe went through the motions as not to let the Sorokin team know the car was wounded.




Sorokin left first and didn't red light. Murphy struggled to the 300' mark and when it was obvious there was no way of catching the black car he shut off.






Problems or not Sorokin would have been very hard to beat on this one. His 1.01 60ft time and 210mph at half track were carried through for the best run of his career.











The blower had a 1320 foot fuse as there was a big BOOM in the lights followed by a flash fire. Adam was fine and a new unit was waiting in the trailer. The damage was worth the 2010 Top Fuel Championship and tied to a time slip that read 5.63 (low ET of the meet) at 252.03.




Jim coasted through thinking of what could have been.


Jim Murphy and the entire WW2 Racing team thank all the sponsors and fans that supported them through another noteworthy and exciting season. See everyone again in 2011.




2010 CHRR Qualifying and Round One


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