Kool April Drags
April 30, 2022
Redding, CA




Jim Murphy May 2022; "I am just now seeing these pictures for the first time. I have been in Michigan for the last 10 days. These pictures are probably the spookiest ones I’ve ever seen of myself and I’m celebrating 50 years of drag racing this year. I was on a pretty good run and at about 800 feet the rear of the car washed out immediately and I had my hands full. It took every bit of those 50 years of experience to keep this thing right side up, plus some help from the Lord above. It first went to the left and was up on three wheels, I made a correction and it went back to the right, three wheels again and the same thing two more times left and right before I had it under control once again. While I was away Daniel checked the car over from one to the other and everything appears to be fine. We look forward to running at Bandolier in a week and a half."















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