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OSH-WW2 Racing Dominates Field - Scores "Hat Trick"




Jim Murphy and the OSH-WW2 Racing team put it all together in Sacramento. At the final Pro Nitro Series race of the year, Murphy set Low ET (5.87) and Top Speed (252) of the meet and won Top Fuel Eliminator. To top it off, they also captured the Drive Magazine Race Series 2002 Points Championship. Towards the end of a season with record breaking performances punctuated with "gremlins", this was a huge win.


Final Top Fuel Qualifying
1. Jim Murphy 5.88 @ 252
2. Glenn Hutchenson 6.02
3. Bill Dunlap 6.02
4. Lee Jennings 6.07
5. John Shoemaker 6.12
6. Brendan Murry 6.13
7. Mark Malde 6.13
8. Rich Howell  6.18




As the sun sets, Murphy heats the tires prior to a perfect leave in route to a 5.88 which was good for the # 1 qualifying position. Great start and the OSH-WW2 Racing fueler never looked back all weekend.


buronout 2

At the end of the run Murphy had the back of the chassis pull off when the parachutes were deployed, rendering them useless. Thankfully Sacramento has a long shut down area and the car was equipt with carbon fiber disc brakes that did their job. The car was repaired Saturday night and ready for eliminations on Sunday.


WW2 run







round one

First round burnout.


first pair

In Top Fuel, first pair up, Jim Murphy in the repaired WW2, up against alternate, Howard Haight in Butch Blair's "Fugowie". Murphy wastes no time in disposing of Haight, setting Low ET of the event at 5.879 seconds at only 234.99 MPH.






Low ET



round two

Murphy does his burnout prior to round two which would be THE race of the entire weekend.





Semifinals was the best race that this reporter has witnessed - maybe EVER! When you've got a couple have seasoned veterans like Jim Murphy and Bill Dunlap, basically toss a coin! In this race they pair left a starting line together and stayed that way for 1320 feet. Incredible as Jim Murphy and the WW2 teams win light came on with times of 5.89 @ 245 mph to Dunlap matching time of 5.892 @ 234 mph. When talking to both drivers neither knew right away who had won. I believe that this was the quickest side by side in Classic Top Fuel History!



This weekend Jim Murphy was all smiles. When you run the board, what else can you do but enjoy the moment.




Unlike many of the previous races this year, the OSH-WW2 Racing pits were basically in maintenance mode all weekend. No parts breakage - just getting ready for the next round.




Another hot and sunny California day brought out Cheryl Grisel with the umbrella to keep some of the heat off of the firesuit clad Jim Murphy.








After the historic round two race, the Top Fuel final found Brendan Murry with his work cut out for him, as Jim Murphy's slowest run of the weekend was a 5.89. Brendan's all time low ET is only a 6.06. It's Chevy vs. Chrysler, and no holds barred. Murry got a slight lead and it was a good drag race to about the 900' mark where that Ron Rapadas and Tim Beebe horsepower took control. Murphy takes the win with his slowest ET of the weekend, a 5.953 @ a slow (for Murphy, at least) 232.68. Murry cards a 6.349 @ 217.89. Kudos to Brendan for making the final...he's worked VERY hard to get here. And so has all his crew. And more so for Jim Murphy and the OSH-WW2 Racing team. After spending the mid-season hunting gremlins that wouldn't let the WW2 get past 900 feet without catastrophic engine failure, the WW2 brain trust found something...and an all 5 second weekend is the result!




We Did It!
This says it all!

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