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2000 March Meet




WW2 Racing on a run

After setting low ET of the meet (6.04) in round one it looked like WW2 Racing was ready for an unprecedented 3rd March Meet Top Fuel title. All went according to plan until the final round when, as Jim tells it, they lost their edge. "As it turns out, in the final against Ground Zero, the # 7 port was loose and came completely off about one hundred feet into the run. At that point the nozzle fell out and that cylinder quit running. The fuel is what also cracked the windshield and it sure didn't help us run any quicker."

Not making excuses, but logic would dictate that the race would have been even closer had Murphy's hemi run on all 8 cylinders. It's the bane of drag racing, the failure of an inexpensive part at the worst possible time.


Murphy - Alexander

Jim Murphy couldn't wait to congratulate his old friend "Wild Bill" Alexander after a race that had three lead changes in just 1320 feet. You can bet these two will meet again before the year is over and the winner will once again be a toss-up.


Murphy in wait

Waiting to fire the car it's just a man and his thoughts. The only thought on Jim's mind is winning, and he certainly does his share of that.


NR Award

Prior to Sunday Eliminations, Cole Coonce awarded Jim Murphy & WW2 Racing a check for $1,000.00 recognizing his #1 status on the Nitronic Research AA/Fuel Dragster List.


SpeedVision interview

Amid the weekend action, Jim Murphy and the WW2 Racing team were the subject of an upcoming feature on SpeedVision's "Hot Rod Magazine" cable TV program. The segment is due to air in late April or early May.


Warm-up & SpeedVision

If it don't happen in the pits it don't happen on the track. The WW2 Racing crew is as good as they get in this league. Considering they do it for love of the sport and not a huge paycheck, their efforts are very impressive. Here is the Sunday morning warm-up with the SpeedVision camera rolling.


Canard wing URL

Canard wings serve as a 250 mph URL



WW2 Racing new paint scheme was the talk of the pits.



Jim Murphy heats up the tires prior to his 6.04 round 1 win.


WW2 Launch



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