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Eliminations - Round One


The final pair for Sunday's first round was a classic David and Goliath matching #1 Jim Murphy and #9 Phil Ruskowski who got in on the break rule when Brendan Murry could not repair his engine.





Murphy left first by a city block and never looked back.









In a cake walk, Murphy moved onto the semis with a 5.746 at 226.62 giving Sorokin lane choice.







Eliminations - Round Two


First pair to see who would go to the final was Jim Murphy and Adam Sorokin. Four of the fastest NTF cars in the country were about to see who would go for the gold. Murphy had already defeated Sorokin for the rain delayed Boise Nightfire Nationals final on Saturday. Sorokin was looking for a little revenge.







No surprise, Sorokin was out first with a 0.056 RT while Murphy's 0.111 would make this a very close drag race.














Murphy used up an engine catching Sorokin, but catch him he did. His 5.604 at 246.08 compared to Sorokin's 5.724 at 241.37 was oh so close. Murphy's MOV: 0.0650 seconds (approximately 23 feet).



Murphy won the battle but lost the war. An oil-in and a brush with the wall spoiled a possible trifecta. He had won the Boise final, won the 2017 NTF Championship but would not have a shot at winning the meet. In the next race, Jim Young beat Mendy Fry to earn the single to the final.





Although it would have been a battle royale if Murphy and Young had met in the final, at the end of the day Jim and his WW2 Racing teem were the Top Fuel Champions. And, as champions, they rightfully celebrated.

















The Championship was official with the presentation of the big Wally, jacket and hat during the 2017 NHRA World Finals at Pomona.


Jim Murphy vowed during the winter of 2017 that he and his team were going after the championship. They attended all of the points races traveling to 3 different states outside of California. It was an investment of time, money, heart and soul. The 2018 season is still in the planning stage but whatever Jim derides, he will always be the 2017 Champion, job well done.



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