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1st Round of Eliminations


The final pair for round one was Murphy and Rick Williamson.




The look behind the water box.












Both cars left together and we had a drag race.













In the closest race of the session Murphy took the win with a 5.747 at 260.71 while Williamson was right there with a 5.818 at 247.52.Murphy's MOV: 0.0800 seconds (approximately 29 feet), with a huge speed.




2nd Round of Eliminations


Both cars had strong leaves.








Both cars had a great launch, but ....


Bartone went up in smoke at the 100 foot mark. Game over.






Not knowing Bartone went up in smoke, Murphy drove it out the back door with a 5.689 at 245.36. A couple of pistons were just collateral damage. Jim would have lane choice in the final.












Top Fuel boiled down to Jim Murphy and Adam Sorokin, an all California final.















Once again Sorokin lived up to his nickname, "The Leaver", getting a jump at the tree leaving Jim to play catch-up.










Driving directly into the sun didn't help matters.



Both cars got out of the groove around the 800 -foot mark where Murphy had to lift.



Sorokin would not be denied as he literally hugged the wall, under power for the final 300' to take the Wally with a 5.762 at 237.38.

All in all it was a good outing for the team, next stop in Murphy's search for points is the Boise Nightfire Nationals.



2016 National Hot Rod Reunion - Qualifying


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