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2014 March Meet


 Murphy 's Law March Meet



Bakersfield, CA - March 10, 2014:

The 56th edition of the fabled March Meet didn't go well for the defending NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series Top Fuel champion. Going in with high hopes of finally capturing his 5th March Meet, Jim Murphy and crew did nothing but fight an uphill battle all weekend.

Unlike the California Hot Rod Reunion in October which is a gathering that includes a race, the March Meet is a hard core drag race... arguably the most prestigious race of the year. Like the other 15 top fuel teams that would vie for the crown, the WW2 Racing crew went in with high hopes.... which were short lived.

Murphy's Law states that anything than can go wrong, will go wrong and that sums up a forgettable weekend. In spite of it all, Murphy being who he is, came out of the fiasco with a positive attitude. His crew had three new members and they all survived their baptism by fire. In what was almost a nonstop thrash, everyone worked together as a team and never got down. That and the fact that said baptism by fire exposed all the gremlins left Murphy looking forward to the National Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, KY come June to defend his series championship.



This was a common sight at camp Murphy as the team had the engine apart seven times over the weekend, and that doesn't count the last minute engine swap on Saturday. Loosing the scheduled testing the previous weekend due to rain really complicated things and left a ton of issues that would have been caught then to deal with here.






Warming the engine for the first qualifying session.











1st Qualifying Session


The first session found Murphy paired with Adam Sorokin.




Michael Beebe out to back Jim up.














Murphy served notice going low with a nice 5.745 at 245.36, while Sorokin's 6.294 at 207.66 at least gave the team some data.



























Dan Wilkison and Murphy


Dale Surh and Jim











Eliminations - Round 1

Due to myriad mechanical issues, the team was unable to take advantage of the second and third qualifying sessions. That and the fact that an engine swap did not go smoothly, really put them behind the 8-ball.

The final pair was Jim Murphy (who just made the call) and Adam Sorokin. Both teams were having a tough weekend, Murphy especially. After hurting one engine on their only run to this point (Q1 5.745). After missing their chance at extensive testing due to rain, Murphy admits they came into the race unprepared and with too many new parts. They had a laundry list of problems and ended up putting the engine out of Frank Ousley's Crop Duster funny car into Murphy's car. This was done 45 minutes before first call for Round One. After ignition problems, they finally got the car warmed and on the ground. Murphy was suiting up as they were towing to the line. Frantic would be an understatement.



All the issues from the previous three days were just too much for Jim's overloaded mind and admittedly, he simply blew it by leaving before the tree was even staged. A mistake he can never remember making before. End of weekend.






A dejected Jim Murphy coasted through. His hopes for a fifth March Meet win dashed again. Next stop (after some testing) Kentucky.



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