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 Murphy Takes Points Lead
Runner-up due to engine damage



42nd Annual Pepsi Nightfire Nationals, Firebird Raceway, Boise ID - Jim Murphy and his "Holy Smokes" team went to Boise sitting in the #3 spot of the 2013 Heritage Series Top Fuel Points, and left sitting #1 with a 70 point lead. Coming off a huge win at the NHRA National Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, KY Murphy had all the confidence in the world in his new car, the ex-Crop Duster of Frank Ousley.

Although Brett Harris, driving for Steve Harwood from Denver, won the event in the ex-Nitro Thunder car, Murphy could hardly consider his efforts a defeat. After qualifying #3 with a 5.84 at 237.52 he easily beat fellow Californian Brendan Murry in round one with a 5.91 at 244.16. In the semi semi final defeat of Adam Sorokin, Ousley tuned his old car to a 5.739 at 258.17 which were good for the best numbers of the meet. However, it came with a price.

Murphy reported, "We plugged the idle nozzle in the number 5 cylinder and this is the results. The rest of the engine looked fine. This started happening at the hit and had the big hole at 3.2 seconds. There was mucho aluminum in oiling system, that is why I did mot run the final". Ousley followed up, " From the RacePak data it was going away by the hit. The idle nozzle was restricted. It was a miracle it made it to the finish line. The other 7 were fine. That was the only pass Jim drove it to the finish line. It was just spinning the tires down track all weekend long."

Murphy now has a commanding lead in the points race with two events left on the Heritage Series schedule: The inaugural New England Hot Rod Reunion and the 22nd California Hot Rod Reunion. Its a safe bet that unless Denver Schutz makes the epic trip across country to compete at the Epping, NH race, it will all but over at the CHRR in October.

AA/Fuel Dragster Final Qualifying

1. Brett Harris, Hooper, Utah, 5.80, 247.38.
2. Adam Sorokin, La Crescenta, Calif., 5.83, 224.83.
3. Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa, Calif., 5.84, 237.52.
4. Rick White, San Diego, Calif., 5.85, 248.00.
5. Tony Bartone, Long Island City, New York, 5.93, 218.92.
6. Brendan Murry, San Jose, Calif., 6.36, 230.35.
7. Ron August, Pleasanton, Calif., 6.39, 212.91.

1. Jim Murphy -- 265.
2. Denver Schutz -- 195
3. Jim Young -- 173
4. Rick White -- 141
5. Brett Harris -- 108
6. Adam Sorokin -- 99
7. Brendan Murry -- 96
8. Ron August -- 77
9. Tony Bartone -- 6
10. Randy Bridges -- 75

Sorry for the lack of photos, but here are a few shots to share.



Murphy warming up the engine prior to action on Friday.



Qualifying Saturday



Murphy stages then leaves on his semi final 5.739 at 258.17 - Adam Sorokin is in the other lane.



Murphy with a three car length lead, Sorokin playing catch up.


An instant after this shot Sorokin's mount experienced a violent blower explosion.



The End



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