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March Meet 2010






Bakersfield, CA - March 06-08, 2009: Jim Murphy has been on a mission for the last six years and that is to win an unprecedented 5th March Meet. His last MM win was in 2004 and since then he has come close three times - but not this year.

A mixed bag of adverse weather conditions put the 2010 edition of the March Meet behind the 8-ball from day one and Jim Murphy, along with most other fuel cars, was finding it difficult to negotiate the cold surface and establish a working tune-up. By the time the weather, thus the track, finally improved on Sunday it was eliminations and most everyone was scrambling for a good track tune-up.

Even though they were the #1 qualifier (under bad track conditions) since they were running a completely new fuel injector this year, Beebe and Murphy were somewhat conservative in round one and it cost them. Maybe taking the #16 car for granted, Murphy fell short and was in the trailer early.

Nonetheless, as is every race it was a learning experience and one that will serve them well the remainder of the 2010 season. As always, Murphy thanks all his sponsors and fans for their continued support and welcomes all to come by and say hi at the 40th Annual Ignitor May 01 - 02 at Firebird Raceway in Boise, Idaho

Photos and full March Meet results below.




Going into the weekend Murphy was relaxed and confident.


The new "old school" Enderle 3 port upright fuel injector installed on the car over the winter got a lot of attention. Murphy likes every aspect of it - especially the fact he can now see the track.


Prior to the fist qualifying session there was lots of lay back visiting time. Here the Beebe & Mulligan AA/FD recreator Dave West visits with Tim Beebe.







Friday Qualifying - Session One

First of three sessions: Friday, 3 p.m. Following 55 minute clean up of a 2500 ft oildown by a funny car, the first session of TF qualifying got under way 2 hours late and 20 degrees too cold.


Murphy, who finished #2 in the 2009 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series points race, was paired with Rick White who finished #3.














During the backup Dave Thornhill spotted a leak coming from a fuel return line and quickly fixed it then did some clean up. Nitro evaporates so no harm, no foul.






The car left hard and carded very good early numbers.


















Not knowing what the new fuel system would do Murphy shut off early to a 6.165 and just 210.97. Incredibly this would stand for low ET of both qualifying sessions.





Saturday Qualifying - Session Two

With time already running short and the weather still a problem, the third qualifying session was scrubbed from the program leaving just one more shot for the fuelers to figure out how to get down a very tricky track. Once again the session was late in the afternoon and the track temp had dipped into the 60s.


Murphy was once again paired with Rick White.











Tim Beebe made his final adjustments while Michael Beebe got set to video the run.




The car launched hard and backup up a nice 60' time.





But the good early number was for naught as the tires started hazing, then smoking just past the 60' clocks.






Murphy called it quits and coasted on through. Nonetheless, his 6.16 from Friday held for low ET in qualifying and thus the #1 spot.









During the opening ceremonies Murphy was awarded with $500.00 for low ET of the first qualifying session and then was given another $1000.00 for being low
qualifier overall. The presentation was done by track manager, Blake Bowser and Grand Marshall John Force.




Sunday - Round One of Eliminations

11:00 a.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 56 degrees, relative humidity 52 percent, barometer 30.06 inches, track temperature 75 degrees. A lovely day for a drag race.


With no threat of rain at all Sunday was everything the previous two days were not. Sunshine and warmer temps produced a racing surface Bakersfield is known for and the times would reflect it. For the first round Murphy, who qualified #1 faced the #16 car of Rick Rogers. Murphy had lane choice and was heavily favored.















As the tree activated Murphy may have been a little to cautious on his reaction time as Rogers had a .010 lead from the hit.













As it turned out Rogers didn't need the starting line advantage as the Fugowie car stepped way up and carded a 6.072 at 240.51. Murphy did not improve on his qualifying time and lost with a 6.151 at 214.84. His elusive 5th March Meet win will have to wait yet another year.



And so begins the 2010 season. Check out the WW2 Racing schedule to find out where Murphy and crew will be next.




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