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Murphy Dominates 40th Boise Ignitor

05/02/10 Firebird Raceway, Boise, Idaho: The second NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series points race of the 2010 season is in the books and although Adam Sorokin maintains the points lead, it was #1 qualifier Jim Murphy who was standing in the Winners Circle on Sunday.

As it often does this time of year, the cool weather and some rain caused several delays on Friday and Saturday with cold winds on Sunday. From the Canadian border to the southern tip of Nevada, a massive low pressure zone made just getting to the race a major challenge for everyone. From a record falling Canadian snow and ice storm to desert winds of 120 mph blowing over 18 wheelers, the race attendance was surely effected.

Friday was pretty much rained out and Saturday mornings weather was still not conducive for racing but amid intermittent rain showers the day would ultimately yield two qualifying sessions.

1) Jim Murphy  --- 6.019 at 206.23
2) Adam Sorokin --- 6.022 at 232.07
3) Brad Thompson --- 6.066 at 230.88
4) Mike McClennan --- 6.419 at 187.50
5) Randy Eakins --- 9.997 at 76.23
6) Mike Chrisman --- 13.220 at 72.74
7) Rick White --- 15.158  at 51.20

Sunday stayed in the high 50's with a strong head wind but no rain. In round one Murphy led off with a singled and used it for a test run carding a stout 5.832 at 230.76 .

The first pair was March Meet winner Adam Sorokin in the RB Entertainment car and Rick White shoeing the Neal & White entry. Unfortunately White's weekend ended early when his driving woes continued with a red light throwing away a 5.82 at 259.14 (top speed of the meet). Sorokin clicked it early to a 6.278 at 180.10 .

Pair two featured Mike McClennan in Mike Fullers "'Forever Young" and Randy Eakins in the Botehlo & Patterson entry. It wasn't pretty but with a 6.72 at 209.01 McClennan advanced to the next round. Eakins clicked it early and coasted through with a 8.62 at 77.02.

The final pair was Brad Thompson in the High Speed Motorsports car and Mike Chrisman driving for John Rodeck and his Paso Posse. This was Thompson's first return to Firebird since his horrific crash in the final of the 2008 Nightfire Nationals. This was another lopsided match up as a weak 6.36 at 201.07 by Thompson trumped Chrisman's tire smoking 8.42 at 150.57.

The first pair of round two pitted Thompson and Sorokin - both hard core racers. Sorokin got a slight jump at the hit but his holeshot was short lived as Thompson had reeled him in and passed by the 330' mark. Great White was on a monster pass when the blower exploded before the lights slowing him to a 5.93 at just 216.55. Sorokin who was no slouch himself carded a 5.825 at 233.58 for the win.

The other semi final pair was Jim Murphy and Mike McClennan. This was no contest as Murphy's 5.820 at 247.45 sent him to the final.

The final pitted the two cars that deserved to be there. #1 & #2 qualifiers who had just run nearly identical times in the semis. With every eye in attendance welded to the starting line Sorokin welded Murphy to the tree leaving Jim to play catch up. But the holeshot was for naught as the blower on the potent hemi in the RB car let go about the 330' mark leaving a clear road for Murphy to the Winners Circle. His 5.80 (low ET of the meet) at 248.82 put another notch in a gun that is in its fourth decade of driving fuel car.






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