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 2009 Nightfire Nationals



The team routine maintenance on the car in preparation of the first round of eliminations.







All back together - time for the warm up.










Saturday Eliminations Round One


In the first stanza Murphy was matched with James Day in the Fugowie car.










Beebe made the final adjustments before sending Murphy up to stage.


Day left slightly ahead of Murphy but Jim caught him by the 60' clocks.









By the 330' clocks Day was out of the groove and moving toward the center line. With Murphy long gone he wisely shut it off.






Murphy stopped the clocks with a nice 5.842 at just 229.29 to advance to round two on Sunday.




Sunday Eliminations Round Two


5:00 p.m. found Murphy facing Rick Williamson to see who would advance to round 3.





Murphy was out first and never looked back.








The big green car went right down the middle of the track to card a 5.88 at 247.79.













Sunday Eliminations Round Three



Because of the odd car count being run on a 16 car ladder, there was one bye run every round to the final. In the semis Murphy got the nod.











Wanting lane choice in the final Beebe and Murphy went for it. The car had great early fractions.









Knowing he only had to run better than a 6.66 (White's time in the semis) Murphy ran it to the 1100' foot mark and shut off to a 5.98 at just 212.21.




It was still sunlight when the crew dove into the job of getting the car ready for a huge final.













When the engine was buttoned up it was dark.





Top Fuel Final


Murphy was first into the staging lane with White right behind him. It was show time.













White had a slight lead at the hit and both cars left like rockets.








Just past the 60' clocks Murphy's car got out of the groove and started to push to the center.



Driving like a man possessed, Murphy used every trick he knew to wrestle the car back into its lane but it had a mind of its own. The Boise track has narrow grooved to begin with and when the temps drop it can be a very tricky place to race.


The flames in Jim's car went down just before he crossed the center line and took out a couple of timing blocks.




A dejected Murphy reels his car in and watches helplessly as White streaked to low ET of the meet.




Until next time, keep the shiny side up and we hope to see some of you in Sacramento on September 18-19.


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