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Murphy Back On Track - Big Numbers at Seattle




09-04-05 Kent, WA. After the trouble plagued Nitro Nationals at Pomona, Jim Murphy and WW2 Racing needed a good showing at the Goodguys 1st Northwest Nationals. With a string of five second runs and a close semi-final loss they got what they were looking for - a return in the kind of performance the team is noted for. Now that they are back on track Murphy is confident that Crew Chief Tim Beebe can now "do his magic" on the tune-up. That will be tested during the final three events of the season... the big one being the 14th California Hot Rod Reunion in October.



The first qualifying session was held on Friday afternoon in almost perfect weather conditions and a very tight track. Murphy was paired with Terry Cox.



For their first pass with the new mag and fuel pump Murphy had a "soft" tune-up but still carded a 6.058 at 244.43. This gave them the baseline they needed.



The second qualifying session was held Saturday morning and again the conditions were conducive to great times. Here Murphy and Tim Beebe wait for the call to fire the engine.


Paired with no one, Murphy had the whole track to himself.






The car left very good and never missed a beat to a very stout 5.980 at 250.55. The huge mile an hour was a sign that their horsepower was back.



Final Top Fuel Qualifying

Psn        Driver            ET     Speed

1.   Sean Bellemeur 5.860 @ 250.60
2.   Brett Harris 5.940 @ 252.10
3.   Rick White 5.946 @ 244.69
4.   Jason Richey 5.977 @ 252.19
5.   Jim Murphy 5.980 @ 250.55
6.   Rick McGee 6.003 @ 246.39
7.   Jack Harris 6.020 @ 239.23
8.   Terry Cox 6.021 @ 244.29
9.   Bill Dunlap 6.076 @ 246.17
10. Brendan Murry 6.076 @ 237.75
11. Phil Ruskowski 7.232 @ 185.59
12. Dale Carlson Swan



The first round of eliminations on Sunday found Murphy racing Terry Cox.



Beebe activates the data computer just prior to Murphy staging.


As sometimes happens (thankfully not often), a drivers concentration is thrown off and that's what happened to Murphy as he caught a red light negating a nice 5.971 at 230.49. Cox also red lighted but after Murphy which gave him the win.



Due to the "break rule" Murphy, as the quickest loser from round one, had a chance to redeem himself in round two against Rick White.



Not one to make the same mistake twice, Murphy get the holeshot and then pulls away for the 5.923 win and the 253.09 mph says he was really hauling on the big end. White was right on his tail with a nice 5.957 at 242.67. In short, it was a great drag race.




Round three pitted what most consider the two best cars in the class. Murphy would meet Brett Harris in Nitro Thunder.




In another great race ... a close one as the pair left together but Harris eked out the win with a 5.836 at 239.61. His speed was down as it appeared he made a sacrifice to the aluminum gods. Murphy carded a very nice 5.914 at 252.52.




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