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Murphy Wins His Sixth Fremont Reunion
Low ET: 5.99 - Top Speed: 245




The Fremont Reunion Race has been an established event at Sacramento Raceway since the late 1980's and it always draws quality cars and large crowds. This year was no exception and when the smoke cleared on Sunday afternoon, Jim Murphy had won an unprecedented sixth Top Fuel title... setting Low ET and Top Speed of the event in the process. Over the two day event the racers battled tricky track conditions and a mixed bag of weather but put on a great show and posted some impressive numbers. Here are some photos and more of the story.




Its all business before round one on Saturday. Tim Beebe, Brian Shamrock and Bob Walker check out the track while Murphy gets focused.


Chicago style eliminations... Saturday evening...

In round one, Murphy was paired with Jeff Diehl and won easily with a 6.13 @ just 216




Sunday morning Murphy spends some time visiting in the pits with Bob Sanilini of Spartan Engine Development.


Tim Beebe makes final adjustments to the engine.


Murphy does his burnout before lining up with Adam Sorokin.



Jim Murphy has no competition in the Sunday opening round going 6.084 @ 243.80.


Murphy comes to a stop as Adam Sorokin burned a hole in a piston pumping all the oil into the catch can resulting in an oil down through the shut down area (smoke on right). Sorokin felt it nose over but saw no oil from his vantage point but the can was dumping loads resulting in a 30 min. clean-up only to be followed by light rain and more delays.




Between rounds the crew only had to do normal maintenance as the car didn't hurt a part all weekend.



The Top Fuel final pitted the two quickest cars on the property - Jim Murphy and Bill Dunlap.


Both cars left together and Jim Murphy put the crowd on it's ear with a last round charge to hold off Bill Dunlap in Mike Fuller's fueler. A 5.998 @ 245.43 thank you! Dunlap's thunder was short of a victory at 6.141 @ 230.26, great performance for both teams all weekend giving the fans what they came for.




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